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Name:Queer Intersectionality
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Community description:For queer-identified people who also occupy other axes of oppression
This community was created to challenge the current dominant association and identification of queerness with "gay white cisgendered upper-middle-class non-disabled male professional." One's sexual orientation or gender identity (which I consider to exist on separate, if sometimes-related, axes) does not remain separate from the rest of one's identity, and many times, being queer intersects with being a person of color, a woman, a person with a disability, someone who does not identify with the culturally-accepted mainstream religion of one's home, and/or someone in a lower-class or working-class environment.

The purpose of this community is to give queer-identified people who also occupy other categories of oppression a place to talk about how their identities intersect and what that means for them. Its goal is to help the queer community become more aware of our diversity and how to make our spaces safe for more people who identify as queer. A nice side effect would be if it also revealed ways those other characteristic-identified groups could make their spaces safer and more welcoming for those of their members who identify as queer.
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